140503 KMF EXO-M Xiumin - Overdose

140503 KMF EXO-M Xiumin - Growl

140503 KMF EXO-M Xiumin - Wolf aka Arm Appreciation

140503 KMF - Overdose fancam preview

130825 KCON Xiumin - Growl

130825 KCON Xiumin - Wolf

130825 Xiumin at KCON - fancam preview ❤

130825 Xiumin at KCON - fancam preview ❤

One last update on the project before we return to our usual routine here - the letters were received by the owner of black-rouge and she wants to tell all of you thank you for them. She will be delivering them to Xiumin herself next month so he will be able to read each of them. Thank you all again!

Here is our finished project! We ended up with 125 birthday letters to Xiumin! They came from all over the globe - America, Canada, Denmark, Chile, Jordan, Japan & far more than I can list. They’ll be delivered in the box shown here on his birthday.

Thank you all so very much for helping to give Xiumin a great birthday!

Xiumin’s Birthday Project!

This project is closed!

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